I like to make fun/ny projects with people.

Hello, I am the...


The Royal Shakespeare Company (2019 - 2020)


“It was amazing. I didn’t in a million years think we could get all those stereotypes smashed. It’s going to be really good for the future.”
- 7 year old, during celebratory conga after smashing negative stereotyping into smithereens.


Stereotype Smasher

Make With Meg

Established 2020

#tuneintoyoutube & @MakeWithMeg from the comfort of your home!
Join @ClarkBagnall in this brand new free to pARTY Intergenerational Making Station.


(from Make With Meg)

Every Little Chef

Established 2017

“Their mourning meals! Mini-van couple visit last 41 Little Chefs across UK as part of 'funeral service' to mark end of much-loved British road-side diner”
- The Daily Mail (22/01/19)


Little Chef

"This is amazing. We’re all doing it in the studio.
You’ve brightened up our whole event. You’re fantastic!"
- Claudia Winkleman, Claudia on Sunday, BBC R2, 26/03/2017


Bingo Meg from
Carboot Disco Bingo


Established 2018

“You took the stage by storm.I really wasn’t expecting that!”
- Audience Comment


(Elvis Tribute Artist)

"It feels like the 3 days she’s had – have done more for C than we’ve been able to do over years.”
- Headteacher to 8 year old child artist, who took part in M2 AIR residency season in Foxhill, Bath.


Co-Director of M2AIR

The Create Escape

Established 2019

A bespoke & brand new crafty little wellbeing workshop, developed with & for Blue Badge Co, to ensure everyone has the correct tools to live their best lives. Co-created with creative crafter Kelly Lewis


Co-Creator of
The Create Escape

The Pineapple Party

Bristol Biennial (2016)

“I feel like I really understand the pineapple now, and the journey it takes to reach my plate. I’ll never look at them in the same way again. I love it when art makes you think differently about an everyday thing.”
- Audience Member


Researcher of
The Pineapple

Needle In The Haystack

Bristol, Bath, Liverpool, Radstock, Dursley (so far)

Established 2014

“A hinge on disconcerting collective and individual experience and an emphasis on the social.”
- The Guardian


Haystack Builder

Pool in the Pool

Established 2012

“I didn’t think when I started swimming that I would one day do anything like this. Megan’s combined my two favourite things. I love swimming in the pool and I love playing pool at the youth club.”
- The White Ball/Crewe Flyers Swimmer


Pool In The Pool Pro

Coming Soon!

! Stay tuned to see what unfolds in 2020 !


Director of
LIFE Studio Productions


Coronation Street Fan