Artists Statement:

I am currently concerned with making artworks via interactive and participatory processes by inviting audiences or select participants to involve themselves in assisting the realization and outcome of my creative concepts.

I enjoy making work that is accessible, questioning, fun, humorous and often a little bit ridiculous.

My interests encompass scale and size, the kitsch, the present day, the past (and historical references), the future and the mundane.

I respond to each project separately; often creating large-scale installations, sensory experiences, almost-performances and events and happenings.

My interactive works so far include building haystacks from shredded anxiety (Bristol Biennial 2014), throwing spontaneous parties for commuters (Bristol, 2015), establishing positive letter writing stations in a National Trust property (Surrey, 2012) and turning a swimming pool into a pool table with the help of a young swimming team (residency with Crewe Council, 2012).

I currently have a large amount of interest invested in pineapples.