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Title: This is Bristol
Date: August – November 2014
Exhibition: Solo Showing
Location: DAC Beachcroft, Bristol City Centre, UK.

This solo window show was an expansion of the Bristol, Texas project I created for Arnolfini in 2013. This Is Bristol is a project that started in July 2013 when I was asked to be part of ’34 Bristols’ – an international art project to draw connections and responses from different Bristols around the world. There are 34 Bristols in the world in total! Commissioned by Arnolfini, I worked with friend and Austin based artist Nicholas Don to connect with Bristol, Texas.

The window was designed to offer a distant and interpretive glimpse at what life is like in Bristol, Texas. A distant town that I remain a stranger to but is named after the UK city I call home. It included all the items Nick sent to me from Bristol, Texas.