Title: The Art-e/y-fact Machine (TAM)
Date: June 2014
Exhibition: Open Studios
Location: BV Studios, Bristol.

Influenced by the mass of vending machines serving every purpose in Japan, TAM is designed to inform people in the present and the future about the creative makers of here and now. I built the vending machine out of an old lighter dispenser and turned it into TAM in 2014 for my annual Open Studios show at BV in Bristol. It was designed to provide visitors with an artefactual piece of art history from BV studio holders 2014. Each box cost £1 and included an artefact and an arty fact from a studio holder.

In the future I am curious to document large-scale installs or live events at art galleries by collecting artefacts from an install or event and arty facts relating to the show. This will allow gallery visitors the opportunity to buy a historical aspect of the show for £1. I’m interested in the idea of making an affordable commodity in a souvenir fashion out of something that isn’t usually for sale or only buyable for the wealthy few.