Title: Needle In The Haystack
Date: September 2014
Exhibition: Bristol Biennial : Crossing The Line
Location: The Galleries Shopping Centre, Bristol, UK. 

Photographs by Roser Diaz & Owen Wassell. 

Film by Megan Clark-Bagnall. 

I spent 3 days inside The Galleries, Bristol building a haystack riddled with anxiety. Visitors were invited to contribute, by offering up their worries to be destroyed in The Viking P-20 Strip Cut Paper Shredder. This shredded anxiety was the primary building material alongside hay to create the haystack. On the final day all participants in the build were invited back to join an interactive performance aiming to find the needle in the haystack. The performance involved me rollerblading into the stack and a timed search to find the needle. The winner received a hand crafted haystack trophy and it turns out it only took 4 minutes and 39 seconds to find a needle in a 5ft high haystack.

Needle In The Haystack is ready to tour new cities and towns. The community of Radstock hosted Needle In The Haystack during 2015 and set a new search time of 2minutes and 43 seconds to find a needle in a haystack measuring 139cm heigh.

If you are interested in hosting Needle In The Haystack; For a Tour Pack or more information please contact me.

“Megan is an engaging, playful, curious and socially aware artist. Her ideas and projects never fail to bring people together.”
– Hannah Clark, Bristol Biennial Director