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Title: An Everyday Party
Date: June 2015
Exhibition: Art In Bearpit, Hand In Glove/Situations
Location: The Bearpit, Bristol

Photographs by Jose Vegas 

Inspired by Bristol Fair and the historical context of The Bearpit location as a trading post and celebratory meeting place this, project explored the sites current day context as a commuter thoroughfare. I set up regular meetings with city office workers to discuss their daily commutes through the space and find out what happened on their daily journeys. These meetings informed a finale event inside The Bearpit.

During a regular sunny Wednesday in June, I handed out party bags to commuters on their way into work. The party bags contained party poppers & hats, bags of sugar and flour and  invites (asking commuters to return to a party in the bearpit that evening on their way back from work). The invites stated that if enough commuters returned to the bearpit that afternoon we would have enough flour and sugar to bake a cake. Plenty of commuters stopped into the seemingly spontaneous party and we were able to bake 2 cakes! In traditional party splendour I set up several stations for commuters to join in with and assist me in throwing the party.

A decoration station – where commuters could fill a balloon with helium and tie to it a celebratory story of a daily commute.

A baking station – where commuters could assist in baking a cake (or two!)

A music station – where commuters could pick and play an instrument

A portrait station – where commuters could draw a portrait of a daily stranger. Someone that you see on a regular basis/during your commute but you don’t know their name.

A candy floss station – where commuters could collect a free stick of candy floss and physically smell & taste the funfair party atmosphere.

A games station – where commuters could play ping pong and other games.

Over two hours the space slowly changed from one of thoroughfare to one of destination. It became colourful and full of meetings and interactions.

The Bearpit Social Cafe were instrumental in making this event possible!